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TSI Operator Training Simulators for Power Generation Plants
The range of TSI Power Plant Simulators provide PC-based hi-fidelity, full-scope dynamic Operator Training Simulators that meet the operator training requirements of any coal/oil or gas fired power plant.
Each model is designed to operate over a variety of actual power plant operating conditions.
These include:
  • Cold start (no fuel, no utilities, pumps off, controllers in manual, etc.)
  • Design Start (normal operating conditions)
  • Restart from Trip Conditions
  • Normal and Emergency Shut-downs
The simulators can be connected to the TSI Hard-desk System and the instructor and the trainees can control the power system from the soft-desk.
Instructor Station
The Instructor Station enables the instructor to control and direct the training sessions. They can assign multiple independent training sessions to one or more of the networked operator stations.
The graphics interface and easy to use menus allow the Instructor to work efficiently, even with a large group of trainees.
Facilities include:
  • Start up mode selection - Normal and Design Start
  • Speed - Normal up to 10x normal operating speed
  • History - Back-track or Snapshot
  • Malfunction - Failure or Disturbance
  • Tag summary
  • Summary report
  • PV logging
  • Trend logging
  • Realtime trend logging
  • Monitor exercise
  • Performance report
  • Message to operator
  • Full plant report