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UK TSI offer a comprehensive range of training resources that are specifically designed for practical training. We focus on the skills needed by technicians and engineers working in todays Industries.

In addition to hardware we also offer comprehensive curriculum solutions in the form of eLearning and supporting instruction manuals.

Our products are arranged into complete laboratory or workshop packages, although individual items from the labs or workshops can be purchased individually. The range includes:

TSI Power Training Systems Simulator Lab

TSI-PTSS 5010 Power Generation Module

TSI-PTSS 5015 Additional Power Generation Module

TSI-PTSS 5020 HV Transmission Lines Module

TSI-PTSS 5030 Substation Module

TSI-PTSS 5035 Substation Busbar Systems Module

TSI-PTSS 5040 MV Distribution Lines Module

TSI-PTSS 5050 RLC Load Module

TSI-PTSS 5060 Power Factor Correction Module

TSI-PTSS 5070 Wind Turbine Module

TSI-PTSS 5080 Solar PV Power System Module

TSI-PTSS 50100-SG SCADA software system and SMART Grid

TSI Soft-desk Power Systems Operator Training System

TSI-PTSS 50500 Instructor’s Work Station

TSI-PTSS/100 Power Dispatcher Training Simulator

TSI Soft-desk OTS System Overview

TSI-PTSS 50200 Power Systems Simulation Software – Thermal Power Plant 210 MW

TSI-PTSS 50210 Power Systems Simulation Software – Gas Turbine Power Plant 42 MW

TSI-PTSS 50220 Power Systems Simulation Software – Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant 450 MW

TSI-PTSS 50230 600 MW Thermal (Coal) Power Plant Simulation Software

TSI-PTSS 50800 Electrical Operations Simulator Suite

TSI-PTSS/DTS100 Power Dispatcher Training Simulator System

TSI-LMS3000 Learning Management System

TSI eLearning Resources

Specialised Training Laboratories and Workshops

Electrical Machines and Transformers Lab

Power Cable Fault Location and Cable Jointing Lab

Transformers (HV and LV) and Switchgear Lab

Sectioned and Cutaway HV/MV Electrical Equipment

AP HV Training/Certification Workshop

Power Transformers Testing Lab

kWh Meter Test Lab

Stand by Generator (Diesel) Repair and Maintenance Workshop

Installations and Maintenance (LV) Workshop

Mechanical Workshop

Welding Workshop

Electrical and Electronics Maintenance and Repair Lab

Computer Lab with Engineering Science and Basic Engineering Principles

Mechatronics Systems Lab

Alternative Energy Systems Installer Lab

Automotive Service Workshop

Installation and Professional Development

Industrial Certification - AP (Authorised Person) Training - High Voltage Course Package

TSI-PCS/1000 Introduction to Process Control and Instrumentation Simulator

TSI-ORSD/1000 Refinery Operations (Downstream) OTS Simulator

TSI-ORSU/1000 Oil Production Operations (Upstream) OTS Simulator

Power Utilities Training Academy Occupations/Skills Matrix

Workshop and Lab Planning

Pre-built Training Facilities

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