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Sectioned and Cutaway HV/MV Electrical Equipment

TSI offer a range of cut section HV/MV/LV Electrical Equipment and instructional materials for use in technical training.
  • A comprehensive package of learning material and original manufacturer’s technical data is included with each item.
  • This allows students to perform component/parts identification tasks as well as a series of electrical tests such as transformer turns ratio tests, windings resistance tests and dielectric insulation tests.
  • Instruction on the use of the test equipment required to perform standard electrical inspection tests is included in the Learning materials.
  • Each item has been specifically sectioned to enable the trainee to view all the major system components.
  • Where required plexiglass covers are included to protect from dirt or dust or for safety to cover energised mechanical switchgear.
  • Colour coding on the cutaway areas indicates the function of the identified parts.
  • A series of PowerPoint presentations accompanies each piece of equipment and these provide the instructor with a front-of-class presentation resource.
  • The presentations cover the functions of the equipment and the identity and location of the system components and their interaction with other components.
  • Units will be based on used equipment and exact specifications will vary.
  • Contact us for availability.