3 engineers high voltage

TSI provides complete solutions for delivering training programmes in the Power Utilities Sector that meet international standards for producing skilled technicians who can maintain and operate the systems found in power generation and distribution systems. This is a key sector in any economy and one that has some of the highest demands for a competent technician workforce, particularly in the area of distribution. We include Alternative Energy Generation such as Solar Photo Voltaic and Wind Power in our training solutions in alignment with new certifications being produced and the changes we see in the industry. TSI are specialists in this area and are able to provide complete solutions that include:

  • Competency-based eLearning materials mapped to Internationally recognised qualifications
  • Hands-on hardware for the classroom
  • Hands-on hardware for workshops
  • Practical skills workshops complete with all tooling and equipment
  • Design of OJT (On The Job Training) Simulators and workshops using real world power equipment (HV, MV, LV)
  • Training simulators (Hard-desk) for complete power generation and distribution systems training
  • Soft-desk training simulators for power plant operator training, including: Coal/Oil Steam Turbine, Gas turbine (CGT), Hydro, Solar PV, Wind & Nuclear
  • Smart meters and meter calibration workshops
  • Hard-Desk Power Systems Simulators, with computer inserted faults for full system diagnostics and operator scenario training in emergency procedures and start up and safe shut-down
  • Computer-based (Soft-Desk) Operator Training Simulator Systems (OTS) for power generation and distribution operations
  • Power Dispatcher Training Simulator
  • SMART GRID Systems Simulator - Hard-Desk
  • Industrial Certification Training Materials - Authorised Persons (AP) HV
  • Instructor training