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TSI-PTSS 5040 MV Distribution Lines Module
This module simulates one medium voltage aerial line and one medium voltage cable line. It can be used to simulate the load flow between the MV lines using a PST (Phase Shifting Transformer) that is built into the PTSS 5030 Substation Module.

The module has one simulated 30 kV overhead line with a length of 30 km and one simulated 30 kV underground cable line with a length of 30 km.

The lines are protected using on-board Circuit Breakers CB1 and CB2. Circuit Breaker CB1 protects the aerial line 1. The line has been designed for the rated current of 1 A. Circuit Breaker CB2 protects the cable line 1. The line has been designed for the rated current of 1 A.

In addition, the protective relays located on the PTSS 5010 Power Plant Module and on the PTSS 5030 Substation Module can also be used.

The unit also includes a fault simulation facility.
The unit features an integral power supply which comprises a differential thermal breaker main switch and a power ON indicator lamp. It provides stand-alone 3-phase power to the module with a line voltage output of 380 V on 4 mm safety sockets.

An on-board Power Factor Correction Module is also included. This has two switches for the insertion of the PF correction capacitor banks on the overhead line.

An on-board Load Module is also included, this provides an electrical load with a power rating of approximately 90 VA, (it simulates a power equivalent to 6 MVA).

The module is equipped with two digital multifunction 3-phase instruments for measuring voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor and harmonics.

These units have both numerical and graphical display facilities.

A 24 V a.c. output for feeding the auxiliary release circuits of the line protection circuit breakers is also provided on the unit. The voltage is supplied by a 50 VA transformer that allows a maximum current draw of 2 A from the 2 mm safety sockets. The output is protected by a 2.5 A fuse.

A unique system of Transfer Blocks is also included on the unit to allow simple electrical connections with equipment located on the other modules.