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TSI-PTSS 5050 RLC Load Module
This module provides a load that can be adjusted in 4 separate steps for each phase and for resistive/inductive/capacitive loads.
The load can be used in star or delta connection and it can be connected to:
  • The Power Plant Module
  • The Substation Module
  • The Wind Power Generator Module
  • The Solar PV Generator Module
  • At the end of the HV transmission lines
  • At the end of the MV distribution lines
This module meets the following specification:
  • Total active power: 1 kW in 4 steps (100-200-200-500 W).
  • Total reactive power (inductive): 1 Kvar in 4 steps (100-200-200-500 var).
  • Total reactive power (capacitive): 1 Kvar in 4 steps (100-200-200-500 var).

A Transfer Block is also included on the unit to allow simple electrical connections with equipment located on the other modules.
Nominal voltage: 230V for delta connection, 400V for star connection.