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TSI-PCS/1000 Introduction to Process Control and Instrumentation Simulator

The TSI-PCS/1000 is a simulation software package that has been specifically designed to introduce Oil and Gas Sector trainees to the basic and advanced concepts of Process Control and Instrumentation.

The package consists of the following modules:
• On-Off Level Control
• On-Off Temperature Control
• PI & P Controller
• Pressure Controller
• Level Controller
• Direct and Cascade Control
• Split Range Pressure Control
• Ratio Control
• Feedback and Feed-forward Control
• Three Element Boiler Control
• Control Valve Characteristics
• Characteristics Co-Efficient of Control Valves
• Rangeability of Control Valves
• Interacting and Non-Interacting Level Systems
• Basic Instrumentation Troubleshooting System

Ideal for use as front-of-class presentations for the instructor, this package provides all the main control features such as Trending, Tuning, Alarms and Graphic panels of a typical DCS system.

Trainees can manipulate Controllers (Take Controllers from Manual to Auto, Auto to Cascade, Change Set Values, change Outputs) and Digital Tags (Start/Stop, Open/Close) and monitor / study their effects on the process.

They can also tune the PID values of a controller.

Using this software, the trainee can learn:
• Basic concepts of measurement and Instrumentation
• DCS operations
• Basic controls – Flow, pressure, level, temperature
• Advanced control – Split range, cascade, ratio, three-element boiler, feed-forward / feedback controls
• Tuning of P.I.D values
• Instrumentation troubleshooting