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TSI-PTSS 5035 Substation Busbar System Simulator
This unit has been specifically designed to extend the capability of the TSI PTSS System.
It provides a second substation module that includes a modular bus bar system that allows the user to configure a range of commonly used substation bus bar system.
The unit includes all the following elements:
  • HV Busbar A (Sectionalised)
  • HV Busbar B (Transfer Bus)
  • 6 x HV Bus Side Manual Isolator Switches
  • 4 x Circuit Breakers
  • 6 x Manual Isolator Switches for Circuit Breakers
  • 2 Stepdown Transformers
Both transformers have primary voltages (for Delta connection) of 120 - 220 - 380V and secondary voltages (for Star connection) of 69 - 127 - 220V.

They comprise three 1-phase 100 VA power transformers. This solution allows you to simulate both 1-phase and 3-phase transformers.

The use of 4mm safety interconnections allow the transformers to be connected in a variety of configurations.

The module is equipped with two digital multifunction 3-phase instruments for measuring voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor and harmonics. These units have both numerical and graphical display facilities.

The unit has its own integral 3-phase power supply (120V, 220, 380V ). This allows the unit to be used standalone or with other modules from the PTSS range such as the Power Plant Module and the HV Transmission lines module.

A protection relay is also installed on the Substation Module to protect the transformers and lines. This is a Multifunction differential relay (87).
This protection relay provides differential protection for electrical machines (generators, motors and transformers) against internal faults. It also provides the following additional protections:
• Undercurrent (37)
• Reverse-phase or phase-balance (46)
• Machine or transformer thermal relay (49)
• Instantaneous over-current (50)
• AC time over-current relay (51)
• Trip Circuit Supervision (74)

Typical bus configurations that can be built on the simulator: