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TSI-LMS3000 Learning Management System
TSI LMS3000 is a reliable, secure, flexible and easy to use Learning Management System that has a rich functional specification and a modern user interface.
It has been specifically created to provide Power Utilities Training Centres with a powerful learning management system that meets their particular needs when it comes to training and certification.
It includes support for mobile devices., making it portable and suitable for use in the workplace or practical lab for observational assessments.
TSI LMS3000 is cross browser, cross platform and works on most available types of hardware
  • Blended learning services supported include:
  • Online and off-line e-learning
  • Informal online learning
  • Instructor led sessions
  • Collaborative learning
  • Virtual classroom (video conferencing)
  • Online knowledge testing
  • Recording of practical assessments for OJT
  • On-line evidence portfolios
  • The in-built assessment engine and course tracking features enables the real-time monitoring of user progress which allows for instant status reports.