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TSI-PTSS 5020 HV Transmission Lines Module

This unit includes two HV aerial lines that can be connected in series or parallel and a HV cable line.
Simulated lines include:
  • Cable line rated voltage 230 kV - Length 70 km
  • Aerial line rated voltage 230 kV - Length 70 km
  • Aerial line rated voltage 230 kV - Length 70 km

To enable fully independent “Stand-Alone” operation, the module has its own integrated 3-phase with Neutral power supply that can provide 120 kV - 380 kV simulated voltages.

It also includes an integrated Power Factor Correction block that provides three 4.4 uF capacitors. With appropriate connections they can be inserted in star or delta to make different operations of power factor correction of the load and the lines.

The unit also includes an integrated load of about 160 VA (simulates a power equivalent to 16 MVA).
The module is equipped with two digital multifunction 3-phase instruments for measuring voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor and harmonics. These units have both numerical and graphical display facilities.

Built-in facilities enable the creation of a range of faults located in different points in the system and of the following types:
  • Three-phase short circuit
  • Two phase short circuit (with series arc resistance)
  • Phase to earth fault (also with series arc resistance)
  • Missing phase

The Module can simulate the load flow between the HV lines using a PST (Phase Shifting Transformer) that is built into the PTSS 5030 Substation Module.

Lines can be protected using the relays located on the PTSS 5010 Power Plant Module and on the PTSS 5030 Substation Module.
It also includes a separate 24 V a.c. output for feeding the auxiliary release circuits of the built-in circuit protection breakers on the lines.

A unique system of Transfer Blocks is also included on the unit to allow simple electrical connections with equipment located on the other modules. Special multi-pin connectors are provided on the rear panel of each module to enable quick and easy connection.