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Safety Equipment and Tools for Electric Vehicles Training Stand

This is a unique panel trainer that presents students with all the safety equipment, signs and tools that are required to work on hybrid and electric vehicles.
The panel has a printed legend that identifies the components and also provides shadows for any removable item.
On the rear of the panel there is a full explanation of the items included on the stand and what they are used for. This is in both Swedish and English and it provides a good training aid for the students.
Tools are held in place using clips, hangers and tool racks where appropriate.
The panel includes:
  • Kit For Marking Out Restricted Area For HEVs
  • Large HEV Warning Sign
  • Pair of Insulated HEV 12kV Gloves
  • Insulated Rubber Electrical Matting Tested to 11Kv
  • High Voltage Rescue Pole 45Kv
  • HEV Insulated Spanners - 7mm to 14mm
  • Set of HEV Insulated Screwdrivers flat and posidrive blades
  • Set of HEV Insulated Pliers
  • HEV Lockout Hasp 38mm
  • MasterLock HEV Lockout Padlock
  • HEV Lockout Tags
  • HEV Keyring Warning Tags
  • HEV On Vehicle Warning Sign
  • HEV CAT III Clamp Meter
A comprehensive training manual is also supplied with the stand. This details the steps that must be taken when working on Hybrid or Electric vehicles and what safety equipment must be used.
A supporting PowerPoint Presentation is also supplied with the manual. Both are in electronic form on a USB stick.

Order as: TSI-AUT HEVS110

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