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BEKI Modular Electricity/Electronics & Mechatronics Kit

This is a flexible training resource has been designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the basic principles of electrical, electronics and mechatronic systems . It is designed to help deliver the underpinning knowledge for a wide range of students and trainee technicians in the following areas:
  • Electrical /Electronics
  • Mechatronics
  • Automotive electronics/diagnostics
  • Electric and Hybrid vehicles
  • Power/Energy
It provides the right amount of theory and practical experiments to ensure that students have a practical grasp of the concepts of electrical and electronic circuits and basic test and measurement.
Traditional training resources that cover such a broad range of technologies are large and expensive and often prohibit individual use by students, restricting the amount of hands-on training that they typically are able to undertake.
BEKI is a rugged, easy to use modular training system that has been specifically designed for use in technical and vocational training. Its compact format makes it a much more affordable solution for real hands-on skills training.

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